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We leverage on operational excellence tools and the most recent technologies to support our clients in their journey toward Industry 4.0

Our "3x3" Vision

We help our clients implement Industry 4. to increase their profits by transforming their product development, manufacturing, logistics operations.

Tranform your operations

Transforming the way you produce to lower the cost, reduce lead time and increase quality starts with product development then goes to manufacturing and logistics. We provide the holistic expertise to support our clients in their transformation of those 3 operations in order to bring them to Industry 4.0.

Thanks to our experts hands-on industrial expertise we are able to cut thru of all the noice around Industry 4.0 to help our clients improve their processes, find and prioritize the just needed technologies that will magnify their product development, manufacturing and logistics operations.

We are suitably equipped to serve SMEs, for which we have developed a free 1-day Assessment Workshop and a 2-week Industry 4.0 DIAG®. These are good points to start or adjust your journey towards excellence. We don’t just talk about Indsutry 4.0, we make it happen for you with your teams.

Train your people

Use our operational excellence & Industry 4.0 trainings to develop your leadership & teams to support your business transformation

Lean concepts
and tools.
Customized training

To improve your process we provide lean trainings that may include the following topics: 5S, A3, Pull Systems, Kanban, Value Stream Mapping, Problem Solving, Standardized Work, Process Analysis, Change Management,…

Industry 4.0.
3-day training

Attendees gain substantive knowledge allowing them to understand the benefits of Industry 4.0. They leave with step-by-step methodology to get started, build a roadmap and implement Industry 4.0.

Product Development for
Industry 4.0.
3-day training

This training covers the most recent methodologies and technologies that will bring your product development to excellence. It discusses successful use cases and practical implementation steps.

Logistics for
Industry 4.0.
3-day training

Logistics is a key part of value chain architecture and therefore an important element of Industry 4.0 implementation. This training dives into the successful use of robotics and data analytics in logistics.

About Us

AP5 is made up of passionate and experienced experts laser-focused on one goal: bringing excellence to clients operations thru the implementation of Industry 4.0.

Transparent and proven, our robust process keeps our team focused and yours involved. We love the work we do, the clients we work with and the amazing people we work alongside!